In loving memory of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend... we will miss you.

6.21.1950 - 1.6.2009

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The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone! For those of you who are interested in the history behind Relay for Life, please take a moment to read how one man took it upon himself to make a difference. Since that day in 1986, Relay for Life has raised over 3 billion dollars to date. We look forward to being a part of Relay for Life next year.

AlphaGraphics Paramus would like to thank everyone who donated in support of Movember. I am honored to announce that I raised the most funds of all the Team AlphaGraphics members and was awarded a prize... a beard trimmer, which I promptly used to shave my mustache off my face. We at AlphaGraphics raised over $1000 for prostate and testicular cancer research alone, while 2008's Movember raised over $20 million. I am proud of our accomplishments and am forever grateful to my family and friends in our fight against this terrible disease. I love you all. Please visit my donation page to see my progress. Our efforts were even recognized by the Bergen Record. Sincerely, Nick Lombardi

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Corvette Fever

No one is quite sure how a person contracts it, but from a very young age—years before he even had a driver's license—Ron Lombardi of Fairfield, New Jersey has certainly been under it's influence. That was over 40 years ago and the symptoms, as well as his corvettes, have only multiplied over the course of his life.

In 1965 Ron bought his very first Corvette, a 1960 wreck, at the age of 15 using the hard earned money gained by stocking shelves at a local supermarket along with working for his father's paving company. By the time he was ready to hit the road, so was the beautifully hand-restored Marina Blue convertible. He was the envy of many a teenage boy, and he caught the eye of Susan, his soon-to-be high school sweetheart and now his wife of 33 years.

And that was the beginning of Ron’s Corvette Fever and the restoration of several Corvettes, inluding the featured 1959 Roman Red convertible as his pride and joy and the winner of countless awards. He may have dragged it home on trailer in 1977, but it’s never been anywhere near a trailer since. Ron believed Corvettes are meant to be driven, especially the vintage ones. Ron swapped the factory engine for one of the 245hp dual-quads that was optional back in 1959. If he was going to keep it true to its period (another one of Ron’s firm beliefs), it was gong to have to measure up performance-wise. Ron and his brothers, Bob and Richie, repainted the car in their back yard garage to the car’s original color scheme, Roman Red with white coves. It rides on replacement G-78 15 tires on the original wheels, and everything else is as it came from the factory, including the original seat belts. Factory options include a courtesy light, windshield washers, radio, and heater.

While the ’59 is stock and remains his pride and joy, Ron Lombardi's history of Corvette ownership is far from typical. His fever for the all American sports car heated up again in the early 1970’s when he bought his second Corvette, a Rally Red 1968 Stingray, which became his everyday car until it was stolen while parked in front of Susan’s house in 1972, two years before they were married. Determined to reclaim his prize, Ron scoured the area with Susan and his brothers for days searching for it, finally spotting the ’68 parked in Newark, with the rag top slit and a screwdriver that served as a “key” sticking out of the ignition. He let the air out of all four tires and made a call to the local police. He still owns that ’68 and is currently putting the finishing touches on its restoration.

Unfortunately, the ’68 Stingray was not the first Corvette to be stolen from this car lover.   In 1976, Ron’s very first Marina Blue 1960, which he was then using as his everyday car, was stolen from the happy couple’s garden apartment parking lot. Ron used the insurance money—$3,000—to buy the featured beauty, the 1959 Roman Red. At the time, his insurance company offered $300 for his loss, categorizing the Corvette as a “1960 Chevy.” Ron made his case for a comparable replacement value and got the insurance company to pony up for the real value of the restored ’60. Although he poured all the insurance money into purchasing the ’59, it still needed lots of work, which has all paid off in the end.

Susan and Ron drove the ’59 often and were regulars at the Montclair, New Jersey Fourth of July parade and Saturday cruise nights at the Whiskey Café. For years, they took it to car shows, on road trips, and cruise nights, often with their two young sons in tow--Nick in Susan’s lap and Mike in an infant carrier tucked happily into the space at her feet on the floor, all in the innocent days before passenger restraint laws.

Recognizing a need for a more practical car with up-to-date luxuries, Ron and Susan now take road trips and cruise around in their latest Corvette, a Bright Red Metallic 1995.  This summer, Ron fulfilled a lifelong dream of his to drive one of his Corvettes to the Corvette Assembly Plant and National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. This car helped make that dream come true.

Over the years, Ron has shared his love of cars with his brothers Bob and Rich, and together they have restored other vintage vehicles to show-stopping quality. Their first project was a 1934 Ford pickup that the brothers purchased together when Ron was in college. The restoration wasn't completed until 1992, but at that time they installed a Corvette engine under it's hood. A Porsche Guards Red 1940 Ford Coupe was their latest project which was completed in 2003 after three years of restoration. The trophies they have acquired at car shows would fill a one-car garage and The Montclair Forth of July parade has become a Lombardi fleet spectacular.